Get MahaVastu Solution in Just 4 Easy Steps

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Get Mahavastu Solution in just 4 easy steps
You can create new opportunities for yourself with MahaVastu instead of just waiting for them

GetMahaVastu Consultation

Beyond the free services provided via this site, GetMahaVastu offers two levels of consultation with a MahaVastu expert, the Clarify Consultation and the Platinum Consultation.

Clarify Consultation

The Clarify Consultation clarifies whether your issue is Vastu-related or not, as a problem may be caused by factors that are not related to Vastu. To arrange a Clarify Consultation:

Call :+91 120 410 1990 /91 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm)


Register for a Clarify Consultation

Silver, Gold & Platinum Consultations

The Silver, Gold & Platinum Consultations provide an in-depth assessment of your home or workplace, taking into consideration your personal situation. With these consultations, first of all you need to pinpoint your issues or problems. The MahaVastu expert then undertakes a complete analysis and assessment of your home or workplace, including an understanding of the decor and placement of items within the home of workplace. Following this, your MahaVastu expert advises on how to modify your home or workplace to overcome your problems and to enable fulfillment of your goals.

The different levels of consultation include different components, with the Platinum Consultation being the most comprehensive offering.

Register for a Silver, Gold or Platinum Consultation

To learn more about this consultation, visit:

Meet Your Vastu Expert

Registration Fees -
600 INR / USD $ 30

For Appointment -

Call :+91 120 410 1990
(10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Visit -

MahaVastu Center
A-103, Sector 65, Noida 201 301, U.P, India

You will come to know the exact Vastu reasons for your problems in your meeting with well Qualified and Experienced MahaVastu Experts at Noida centre. People get amazed when MahaVastu Experts pin pointedly tell them what is placed where in their homes by just listening to their problems.

All you need is to come with Floor Plan of your building and a list of your Problems or Goals that you are not successful in achieving. (Building Plans and List of Problems/Goals – these two things are most important for an effective and productive meeting.) If you don’t have building plan, it is better to draw it yourself for the first meeting with MahaVastu Expert.

Sometimes, as found in many cases, problems in life are not due to Vastu. But, Immature Vastu Advisors misguide and create confusions. According to MahaVastu system, 100% matching of symptoms Vs. reasons is required to get effective results and solutions to your problems. At MahaVastu Centre, after a quick & easy registration process, you will get a clear picture of whether you have any Vastu Problems or Not – Absolutely Free.

Get Accurate Vastu Analysis

Consultation Fees -
In meeting or online:
25,000 rs
With Site Visit :  50,000

For Appointment -

Call :+91 120 410 1990
(10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Visit -

MahaVastu Center
A-103, Sector 65, Noida 201 301, U.P, India

In your meeting, MahaVastu Expert concludes which area of your building needs more detailed Vastu survey and analysis to avoid demolitions and re-constructions. Only an accurate Vastu analysis done on a To-The-Scale plan of your building helps to make right decisions.

When found necessary, a detailed MahaVastu Survey of your building is done by a professional Vastu surveyor. It carries minute details about interior designs and objects in your home or/and office. In case of factory, it also contains all the important check-points (e.g., location and exact size of each machinery, storage of raw material and finished product, water tanks, boilers and furnaces, staff rooms and toilets, packing area, dispatch area, electric control panel, generators etc.).

A scientific and Accurate Vastu Analysis, based on MahaVastu survey report, is done by a senior MahaVastu Expert to find out the root cause of problems which you are facing or you will face in future due to your building

4-Step MahaVastu Analysis entails detailed evaluation of more than 120 most important points which affect –

  • In Home, all the aspects of your life, like, money, growth, gains, health, family harmony, child education, behavior and many more.
  • At Office, your important business aspects, namely, orders, sales, payment recovery, staff retention, banking support, depart mental problems and relationship with your customers.
  • In factory, sales, production, procurements, quality, sample approvals, departmental clearances, payment recovery, bank’s support, and many other issues related with smooth working of an industry.

Find Effective Vastu Solutions Without Demolitions

Consultation Fees -
in meeting or online : 25,000 
With Site Visit 50,000 

For Appointment -
Call :+91 120 410 1990
(10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
Visit -
MahaVastu Center
A-103, Sector 65, Noida 201 301, U.P, India

Easy and Practical Vastu Solutions without Demolitions to remove Vastu Faults like Color and metal strips inserting into floor to diminish negative effects of Entrance Doors and Toilets placed in wrong directions, coloured electric bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones, pyramids and many other tested and effective Vastu Remedies are suggested as per Accurate Vastu analysis. You can receive them in two ways – In a meeting with Vastu Expert and Site Visit by Vastu Expert.

In Meeting with Vastu Expert (Without Site Visit):

In many cases root causes for problems clearly reflect on the to-scale-plan made in MahaVastu survey. When symptoms match 100% with Vastu reasons for a problem, then there is no need to visit your building to suggest Vastu solutions in this way you save money and get same effective Vastu solutions that an expert will suggest by visiting your site.

A senior MahaVastu Expert will answer all of your questions in a personal meeting at MahaVastu Centre. He/she will suggest most effective Vastu solutions and remedies based on MahaVastu Survey and Evaluation Report.

Vastu Solutions for Home will be effective for money flow, career growth, health of your family members, relationships and love life, child birth, family harmony, marriage and for the areas you are facing problems or goals you wish to achieve.

At Office/ Showroom/ Shop, Vastu solutions will help you to get more sales, orders and profits, improve cash flow, business growth and performance of your team. Also, it resolve departmental problems and banking support. And also the issues you wish to solve or targets you wish to achieve.

In Factory Vastu Remedies helps to solve problems in different areas like:

  • Production
  • Breakdowns
  • Quality
  • Sales and Orders
  • Labor Problems
  • Departmental Issues
  • Frequent Accidents
  • Litigations
  • Theft and Leakage
  • Profits
  • Bank Support

Site Visit by Vastu Expert:

At times, Site Visit by an experience MahaVastu expert is essential for Practical observation and more detailed Vastu Analysis to decide appropriate and Vastu Solutions. By additional site visit fees, you can get Site Visit done by a senior MahaVastu Expert.

A senior MahaVastu Expert personally visits your building (Home, Office, Shop, Showroom, Factory and other). He/she will observe and practically make a detailed study of the entire building from outside to inside.

  • In Home, he/she will study, check and record the influence of adjoining buildings, roads, building height, back lane, slopes, lights, water borings of neighbors, and many more factors located outside and inside your building.
  • At Office, he/she checks and records the influence of common entrance of the Commercial Mall (if your workplace is located in a Mall), common corridor, escalator, adjoining buildings, roads, elevation, building height, and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries.
  • In Factory, he/she checks for development of invisible earth energy patterns and energy-fields with the help of advanced tools and techniques of MahaVastu. He/she also checks and records the influence of adjoining buildings, roads and many other factors located outside and inside your factory. Also study the layout of Machine and Production flow.

The Expert prepares and gives you the MahaVastu Evaluation Report with suggestions of the most effective MahaVastu Solutions and Remedies to achieve the desired results for you.