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Get Mahavastu Solution in just 4 easy steps
You can create new opportunities for yourself with MahaVastu instead of just waiting for them

About GetMahaVastu

Do I have to register to use GetMahaVastu?

No, you don't have to register to use GetMahaVastu. However, if you want to receive Vastu Tips or download free reports, we ask for an Email Id so that we can send you the information.

What are the credentials of Vastu Experts?
The Vastu experts at the GetMahaVastu are directly trained by Khushdeep Bansal, who has spent two decades in research of Vastu and is very well known leader in the field of Vastu. Our website is affiliated with MahaVastu which was founded by VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, author of many books, including MahaVastu handbook, which is the most comprehensive book on Vastu ever written.
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Do I have to sign up for individual packages for specific issues or is there one package for everything?

There are general principles that apply universally, however, when the individual is taken into account, the Vastu solutions may vary to those that can be universally applied. We suggest you get an initial understanding of your issues and how these can be addressed with Vastu,

We, at Get MahaVastu give free consultations through website, mobile app and on call. Except from that, we provide you with three types of packages. With these Vastu package, you can discuss your issues with us. You can meet our Vastu Experts and discuss your problems and concerns.

Can I get a general Vastu package to help me understand how 'Vastu-friendly' my home is?

The Vastu-friendliness of a home must also take into consideration the person living in it. There are general principles that apply universally, however, when the individual is taken into account, the Vastu solutions may vary to those that can be universally applied. We suggest you get an initial understanding of your issues and how these can be addressed with Vastu, by first selecting an issue from the 6 categories. This will give you some appreciation of issues and how these can be resolved. If you then require further information, we also offer a Vastu package, which comprises a consultation with a Vastu expert from MahaVastu.

I have taken a Vastu package, which was useful. Now I would like to have a deeper understanding of Vastu and how it can improve my life - what can you provide?

For a deeper understanding and consultation on Vastu, we can connect you with the MahaVastu practitioners. Please follow this link to receive more details. Vastu Consultation

Do you teach simple Vastu remedies?

Yes, we do teach simple Vastu remedies. Most common remedies are taught in the MahaVastu Course. There you get to learn how you can apply MahaVastu Programming using these easy to apply Vastu remedies to solve various problems and to manifest specific desires, e.g., overcoming anxiety; getting financial support; getting best career opportunities; strengthening family bonding; stopping draining of money and energy; getting better health and faster healing; and more.

Is Vastu a Science?

Any system of knowledge that has a set of rules that can be tested under controlled conditions and always give the same results during repetition is called a Science. This definition applies to Vastu also. Its formulas and tools always give you the same results whenever you apply them under similar conditions. There are more than 10000 documented MahaVastu case studies in which trained Vastu Experts applied the 4- Steps method to pinpoint the root cause of a problem and applied the 16 Techniques, successfully, to fetch the desired results for their clients

How is Vastu Different to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is largely related to local geographic traditions, whereas Vastu is based on science. Both have the objective of optimizing the flow of energy within an environment to ensure a balance of energies. They both relate to geography and elements. Vastu uses Water, Air (Wood), Fire, Earth and Space. Feng Shui replaces Earth and Space with Wood and Metal. Vastu has a 12,000 year history and it is believed that its principles were taken to China by Buddhist monks. Origins of Feng Shui are believed to date from 3,000BC.

Do you teach Feng-Shui also?

When you have learnt the tools of Vastu in the MahaVastu Course you would realize that then you understand even Feng-Shui; that too, more deeply, as many learned authors consider Vastu sutras as mother to Feng-Shui.

Who Can Learn Vastu?

Everyone who wants to know why their efforts are not producing the desired results. As well as those who wish to find out how their built up environment & architecture controls their sub-conscious mind and life. Also those who wish to learn how to attain more success, money and love in their life can come to learn MahaVastu.

Do you teach from books? What books do you refer?

The long research conducted by Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal and the 10000 case studies have been documented in a systematic & scientific manner. The basic rules of MahaVastu come from traditional Vastu texts like Vishwakarma Prakash &Atharvaveda. The authenticity of Vastu Sutras is confirmed by the research & case studies of Dr. Bansal & now, of course, the MahaVastu group. Only practical & workable techniques are distilled in to the syllabus of this program. So you don't require any books initially but from time-to-time the MahaVastu group members are advised in alumni meetings to refer to books on other subjects.

I want to write on VastuShastra; can I join you?

Yes, you are always welcome to write articles on MahaVastu; but we prefer articles which are fact based & impart practical knowledge.