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  • Career & Business
  • Kids
  • Money Matter
  • Love, Marriage & Family
  • New Home
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  • Career & Business
  • Kids
  • Money Matter
  • Love & Marriage
  • New Home
  • Personal Well Being

About GetMahaVastu

GetMahaVastu is a 4-step methodology which instantly lets you know how your environment affects your life. GetMahaVastu helps you pinpoint solutions to specific issues, whether they are related to career, finance, new home, relationships, kids or your overall well-being. Taking specific issues as the starting point, GetMahaVastu not only helps you understand potential problematic areas of your life and home but also rectifies too.

The process involves identifying the real problem you are facing, then locating rooms or objects in your home. To do this, you can either upload your floor plan or use a grid approach, which is very interactive for all type of users. Once the required items have been located on the grid or map, you are given a list of effects, one of which you need to click. At this stage, when you have submitted the symptoms, GetMahaVastu will provide you with immediate feedback. You can then follow the given advice and observe the results with passage over time.

If you want further help or more detail, you can sign up for a Vastu package.

How To Use GetMahaVastu?

If you are facing any problem or issue that relates to Career & Business, Money Matters, a New Home, Kids, Love, Marriage & Family or Personal Well-Being, follow the relevant links, from the website to understand how Vastu can support you in addressing those issues

You will then follow the given four-step Vastu process and at the end you will receive a GetMahaVastu report which will detail those factors that may be creating an imbalance in your environment and in turn, creating that specific problem.

If you want to seek a Vastu remedy for the problems you are facing, then you can sign up for a Vastu package and receive advice from a Vastu expert on how to address your issue.

What Services are Available?

GetMahaVastu not only do free diagnose of your problems but also provides you with free feedback on the most common problems that you face.

GetMahaVastu takes care of six different categories: Career & Business, Money Matters, New Home, Personal Well-Being, Love, Marriage & Family and Kids.

Within these categories, GetMahaVastu outlines the most frequent issues that you face and gives you answers on how to overcome these issues. The remedies, which we provide are simple and do not require demolitions, or renovations or reconstructions. The Website, which is totally free of cost, caters to all those people who want to either clarify whether an issue is Vastu-related or not or who want to look into multiple issues and undertake a very detailed engagement